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Three simple steps to get your accounts and payments organized, automated and working for you.


  • Nickname Your Accounts. (Quick Tips PDF)
  • Hide Accounts that you don't need to see everytime you login. (Quick Tips PDF)
  • Group Like Accounts Together. (Quick Tips PDF)
  • Save For Everything. Getting organized includes making sure you have all the savings accounts you need—each with its own name and purpose. Gone are the days of having just one savings account for all unexpected expenses. Getting organized means knowing that you are saving for all the things that could throw a wrench in your plans. That means paying attention to the age of your roof, your HVAC system, your cars and anything else that might need to be replaced in the immediate future, so you can save for those things before they become a problem. It also means having an emergency fund in place to cover the expenses that truly catch you by surprise.

    And with UCCU’s new SAVINGS GOALS widget, setting up new savings accounts is a breeze. Just click on any of the icons to begin, and then add as many as you need.


Easily set up automatic transfers or payments for everything, so your money always goes where you need it to as soon as your paycheck arrives—without you having to think about it or force yourself to make the responsible choice every month.

  • Direct Deposit. It all starts here, with the most simple and secure way to automatically deposit your paycheck, retirement check, or other recurring income directly into your account—so you’ll have instant access to funds and never have to worry about losing a check in the mail.
  • Bill Pay.  The free and easy way to pay all of your bills, safely and securely, from any internet device. No more stamps, no more checks, no more envelopes—and there’s no limit to the number of bills you can pay—for FREE!
  • Automatic Recurring Loan Payments.  Just set your payment amount and date once, and thengo about your life; knowing your payments will always be made on time, and that you’re always moving closer to eliminating your debt. Automatically. And you’ll also never make a late payment again.
  • Automatic Recurring Transfers to Savings.  Saving money doesn’t just “happen.” One of the beststrategies to save money is to make it automatic. When you automate your savings, you are more likely to make saving a priority and see your savings grow. Just remember what Warren Buffett said, “Don’t save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving.”
  • Recurring External Transfers.  It’s also easy to set up recurring transfers between your UCCU accounts and accounts at other financial institutions. Once you set up and verify an external account inside Online Banking, that external account will automatically be included in your “Transfer Funds” pull-down list of accounts.

Automating your deposits and payments is the most important step to easy banking. It’s a proactive step and brings peace of mind, confidence and smiles. You’ll feel empowered and in control of your financial future.



With your financial life organized and automated, you're ready to set up real-time alerts to help you stay informed, in control and avoid fraud.

Please note that alerts can be enabled in two different places within online and mobile banking:

To set Debit and Credit Card related alerts click on "CardApp" from the main menu.

To set Account Activity Alerts such as low balance and security alerts click on "Alerts."

UCCU security alerts are designed to notify you when security related activity or changes occur on your account. There are 19 different security alerts that can be enabled (many of which are enabled by default).  Members should make sure their security alert delivery preferences (e.g. cell number and email address) are up-to-date.

For more on ALERTS please refer to our Online Banking Manual.


When setting up alerts inside of CardApp pay particular attention to what preferences you are enabling.  For example, Alert Preferences keep you informed, while Control Preferences take action—locking down your card and denying certain in-store transactions. 

Don’t set your control preferences too tight or you may risk the possibility of having a transaction denied, unintentionally, which can lead to unnecessary confusion, and frustrations.


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