Utah Community Credit Union

UCCU TellerPhone

With Utah Community Credit Union's TellerPhone, you can access your UCCU accounts from any touch-tone phone, including cell phones. It's available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With TellerPhone, you can:

  • Transfer money within your accounts
  • Inquire about account and loan balances
  • Make loan payments
  • Hear year-to-date information and your last 5 checking transactions
  • Have a check drawn from your account and mailed to you

TellerPhone access numbers are:


To set up an authorization code so you can use TellerPhone, give us a call at (801) 223-8188 or toll free (800) 453-8188.

Transaction Code List

Quick Code Description Code
After entering a response, press # to expedite your entry #
Repeat Choices *1
End the Session Say "Good Bye" or Press *#
Main Menu *6
Previous Menu *7
Transfer to Member Service *0
Financial Transactions
Share to Share Transfer 111
Share to Loan Transfer 112
Loan to Share Transfer 113
Account to Account Transfer 114
Withdrawal By Check: Savings 121
Withdrawal By Check: Checking 122
Withdrawal By Check: Line of Credit 123
Inquiry Transactions
Checking balance 21
Certificate balance 24
Checking deposit 211
Check # Status 212
ACH deposit 213
Payroll deposit 214
Recent dividend amount 215
Regular Savings Balance 221
Money Market Balance 222
Youth Savers Balance 223
Other Savings Balance 224
Home Equity Loan Balance 231
Visa Credit Card Balance 232
QuickDraw Balance 234
Other Loan Balances 235
All Deposits 237
All transactions 255
Recent checking account deposit 411
ATM transaction 414
Savings deposit 573
Loan payoff 576
Year-To-Date Info
Dividends paid year to date 31
Interest paid year to date 32
Dividends paid last year 33
Interest paid las year 34
Account History 58
All withdrawals 293
Checks Cleared 412
Recent Checking Withdrawals 415
Recent Savings Withdrawals 579
Rate Information
Savings rate information 51
Loan rate information 52
Certificate rate information 53
Other Transactions
Stop Payment 61
Reg D transaction 62
Calculate Payments 63
Access Other Account 64
Change PIN 65
Setup Withdrawal Restrictions 297
Date inquiry 328
Personal Assistance (transfer call) 767
Stop payment inquiry 774
Time inquiry 8
NCUA Equal Housing Lender
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