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tips to help you get started

Our Online Banking experience is filled with features to explore. To enhance your learning, use the eServices pages on our website as a quick reference (see side-navigation).  

To help you get started click on a category for helpful tips and insights or simply scroll down this page.

your first login

Steps to Complete Your First Login

Visit uccu.com, or if on a mobile device download the new UCCU Mobile app:  

1. Enter your Member Number in the "username" field.  NOTE:  If you have customized your login “username” please enter your custom username.  Select "Login."   

2. Enter your existing UCCU Online Banking password when prompted and select "Login."

3. You will be asked to select how you would like us to deliver your Secure Access Code.

4. Once you receive your Secure Access Code, enter it into the space provided during login. (The secure access code will arrive via your chosen delivery method within a few seconds of requesting it)

5. You will be prompted to set your new password.

6. Click the “I Accept” button located at the bottom of the Online Access Agreement and Disclosure Statement. 

7. Choose to "Register This Device" or "Do Not Register Device."   For more on this topic see question "What does "Register This Device" mean below.  

What is a Secure Access Code?

A Secure Access Code (SAC) is a randomly generated code that will be sent to you by a method which only you can obtain (e.g. an SMS text message to your wireless device).

What does "Register This Device" mean?

When you login to Online Banking for the first time or login using a different device, you will be prompted to select “Register Device” or “Do Not Register Device.”  If you select “Register Device” you authorize the device for future on-going use and will not be prompted for a Secure Access Code with future logins. If you select “Do Not Register Device” you authorize the device one-time access to Online Banking using your login credentials.  NOTE:  If the device you use to access your accounts is public, or one which you do not regularly use, we recommend–for your security–that you “do not register” the device.

Registering your computer is another layer of security to help prevent your online banking account from being accessed by an unregistered computer – even if your Username and Password are accidentally or unintentionally compromised.

Customizing Your Username

As an added layer of security you can change your username to a phrase or alpha-numeric code of your choice so you don’t have to use your Member Number.  A customized username AND password that only you know and remember is a smart decision. 


i can't login

What is my username? 

Whatever username you used prior to April 3, 2017 will work.  One exception to this is if you had multiple logins in our old system, the customized username tied to the account number that was assigned as your Member Number is your username.  

What is my password?

UCCU has not changed your password, so to complete your initial login to our new Online Banking system simply use the same password you have used in the past. 

I need a Secure Access Code.

If your Secure Access Code Targets (phone or email address) are incorrect, or for some reason you just didn’t receive your code, please call UCCU for assistance at 800-453-8188.  


i see more or fewer accounts than expected

How did UCCU determine which accounts I see when I login?

All accounts that you are signed-on (have legal authority to perform transactions when visiting a branch) are now available to you with one login inside Online Banking.

How do I remove someone from an account?

1. Complete the Remove an Account Signer document.

2. Print it.

3. Have your signature notarized or witnessed by a UCCU employee

4. Drop off the executed document to a UCCU branch or mail to:

Attn: Account Maintenance
Utah Community Credit Union
PO Box 1900
Provo, UT 84603-1900

Can people I share accounts with use my Member Number and Password?

Every member you share accounts have their own Member Number and should set up their own password for Online Banking. Even though their Member Number is different from yours, when they log in they will see all the accounts that you share. That said, if sharing a Member Number for online banking works best for you and/or your household that can be done.


organize your accounts

Why did UCCU assign my accounts nicknames?

To help you quickly identify your accounts when you login for the first time. 

How do I change the nickname of an account?

Using nicknames is a helpful way to make managing a large number of accounts with UCCU quick and easy. You can change your account nicknames in Account Preferences under Settings.  Select the account you want to nickname and change the “Online Display Name.”  

How can I identify accounts using my account number(s) from your old system?

When you click on one of your account tiles (savings, checking, loan, etc.) the official account number in its entirety will display above the account details:

  • Savings account numbers will all start with 100 and contain your account number and two-digit identifying suffix from our old system.
  • Loan account numbers will start with 200 and also contain your account number and two-digit identifying suffix from our old system.
  • Checking accounts will begin with 75050 and end with your account number from our old system.
  • Credit cards will contain a reference to the last 4 to 6 digits of the number printed on your card.


Why should I hide some of my accounts?

Digital Money Manager auto-categorizes your spending using the information from the accounts that you choose not to hide. For this reason, we suggest that you hide accounts that are not directly tied to your household budget and debt pay-down plans to ensure accuracy and confidence in the spending trends, graphs and valuable insights that are now just a mouse click away inside Online Banking.

You can switch your accounts from visible to hidden at any time in Account Preferences.

NOTE: Both hidden and visible accounts will always display in your transfer to (and from) drop down list of accounts.

How to group accounts you choose not to hide.

Each of your savings, checking, and loan accounts now display as a tile so you can easily drag and drop your accounts into a customized view that works for you. For example, you might want all of your savings accounts grouped together. To create a group of accounts, simply drag and drop an account tile onto the tray icon that appears on the bottom of your screen and assign the group a name. 


new features

360-View Financial Aggregation

How many institutions do you use to manage your finances? Three, four… maybe five? With UCCU’s new 360-View Financial Aggregation tool all of your financial accounts can be managed with a single login. Linking your bank accounts, credit card accounts and investment, retirement, and loan accounts together provides a 360 degree view of your assets and liabilities with a single login. And when your non-UCCU financial accounts are linked with your UCCU accounts you can more fully take advantage of the Digital Money Manager tools that are now available to you inside online banking.  

Digital Money Manager

Take control of your finances using the Digital Money Manager Tools that are integrated into your UCCU Online Banking experience, such as budgeting, debt management, account aggregation, and more! 

These tools are safe, easy to use, and designed to help you gain important insights into your spending and make smart financial decisions.  

Note:  Digital Money Manager automatically builds budgets and auto-categorizes your spending using information from the accounts that you choose not to hide. For this reason, we suggest that you hide accounts that are not directly tied to your household budget and debt elimination plans to ensure accuracy and confidence in the tracking and reporting. 

Pay Anyone

Paying friends or family, whether they are members of UCCU or not, is now easier than ever with our new Online Banking feature called Pay Anyone. Simply enter the dollar amount and the cell phone number or email address of the person you want to pay and click Send.  It’s that easy and it happens instantly.

Fingerprint/Touch ID

Announcing a faster and easier login experience for smartphone users. The UCCU Mobile App now features Touch ID and Fingerprint ID biometrics, which eliminates the need to type in your username and password when logging in to mobile banking. Simply enable Touch or Fingerprint ID Login in the UCCU Mobile App under Security Preferences in the Settings menu. 


Account Alerts are free, they’re customizable, and they’re designed to simplify your life and increase your financial peace of mind. Build the alert triggers that are most important to you. Alert categories include, Important dates to remember, account balance, account activity, online transactions and Security.


learn everything

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