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Your First Login | UCCU System Upgrade

Every member will be assigned a unique Member Number which will identify your membership with Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU).

In most cases, your current account number will become your official Member Number. If you have more than one account number with UCCU, your lowest (oldest) account number will become your official Member Number. If you share an account and don’t have a primary account of your own, you will be assigned a Member Number.

Member Number wallet cards will be mailed the first week of March 2017. If you don't receive your official Member Number wallet card by March 15, 2017, please contact us at (800) 453-8188 for assistance.


Steps to Completing Your First Login  

On or after April 3, 2017:  Visit uccu.com or if on a mobile device download the new UCCU Mobile app.  

  • Step 1:  Enter your Member Number in the "username" field.  NOTE:  If you have customized your login “username” please enter your custom username.  Select "Login."    
  • Step 2: Enter your existing UCCU Online Banking password when prompted and select "Login." 
  • Step 3: You will be asked to select how you would like us to deliver your Secure Access Code
  • Step 4: Once you receive your Secure Access Code, enter it into the space provided during login. (The secure access code will arrive via your chosen delivery method within a few seconds of requesting it)
  • Step 5: You will be prompted to choose/change your password.
  • Step 6: Choose to register the computer or mobile device you are using for 'ongoing-use" or "one-time use."


What will I see after I login? 

You will see every savings, checking, and loan account that you are signed on at UCCU.  Each account will be listed in a tile (rectangle box) and can be dragged and dropped to create groups of accounts.

If you currently share login passwords with other people (such as a spouse or child), we suggest that you do NOT share your login credentials for our new online banking system. Every person you share accounts with will receive their own Member Number and should set up their own login credentials for Online Banking. Even though each Member Number is unique, every UCCU member will be able to see both their individual and shared accounts with every login. 

NOTE:  Because our new system aggregates ALL of your accounts into one login, it is possible for someone who currently shares login credentials with you to log in (after the upgrade) and see accounts that you intended to remain personal and/or private.  To avoid this, we suggest that you log in and change your password before March 31, 2017 and not share it with anyone.  

Here's how you can easily identify any accounts that you are signed on from our old system:

  • Savings account numbers will all start with 100 and contain the account number and two-digit identifying suffix from our old system.   
  • Loan account numbers will start with 200 and also contain the account number and two-digit identifying suffix from our old system.
  • Checking accounts will begin with 75050 and end with the account number from our old system.
  • Credit cards will contain a reference to the last 4 to 6 digits of the number printed on your card


Grouping and Assigning Nicknames:

Assigning each of your accounts a nickname inside Online Banking is a helpful way to make managing a large number of accounts with UCCU quick and easy.  You can also drag and drop accounts into groups and then assign a nickname to each group. This can be especially helpful when you are signed on several youth accounts.  Simply create a group of accounts for each child and assign the group a name.  NOTE: To protect your privacy, account nicknames will not pass through to a UCCU employee screen. Your nicknames will only display inside Online Banking using your login credentials.

For more on our System Upgrade see Answers to Important Questions


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