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An annuity is a contract that provides you with future payments, at scheduled time periods, in exchange for current premiums. Annuities are insurance-based, and you can choose between contracts that are either fixed or variable.

A mutual fund is a collection of stocks, bonds, or other securities purchased and managed by an investment company with funds from a group of investors (which could include you). The return and principal value of mutual funds fluctuate with changes in market conditions. The idea is to minimize your risk by investing in more than just one stock or bond.

Life insurance is a way to provide for your loved ones after your death. By making regular payments to a company during your lifetime, you ensure that a specific sum is paid to your beneficiaries, after your passing.

With a REIT (real estate investment trust), a group of investors combines their capital to purchase and manage income property and/or mortgage loans. Just like stocks, REIT’s are traded on major stock exchanges.

When you own a stock, you own part of a corporation —which is why stocks are commonly referred to as “shares” and stock owners are called “shareholders.” Corporations issue stocks to raise money, and these stocks are bought and sold on stock exchanges.

In the simplest terms, a bond is a legal I.O.U. The party that issues the bond owes a debt to the party that holds the bond. Depending on the terms of the bond, the debt may include interest, and the bond holder may be required to repay the principal amount at a later date (known as the “maturity”).

Our Social Security Timing® software analyzes everything… so you don’t have to. It compares every possible election strategy available to married couples, single people, divorced people, widows, government employees and even those who have already elected and generates a full report, incorporating multiple possible ages of death, cost of living adjustments, including claiming instructions, cash flow report, income gap report, and more.

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