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Quicken and Quickbooks

Instructions, solutions, and answers to questions about Quicken, Quickbooks and other Intuit programs.

We’re here to help our members enjoy the best possible experience when using Quicken, Quickbooks, and other Intuit programs with UCCU’s online and mobile banking.  

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Additional Information

*Intuit has discontinued support of Quicken 2013 and QuickBooks 2013 as of May 31, 2016. Support for Quicken 2014 discontinued on April 30, 2017 and support for QuickBooks 2014 discontinued on May 31, 2017.

How does Quicken/Quickbooks connect to UCCU Online Banking?

Quicken or QuickBooks can connect to your UCCU account using one of two methods:

Express Web Connect is a method which allows account and transaction information to be automatically downloaded to Quicken or QuickBooks Online. During setup for this method, the user enters their UCCU Online credentials within Quicken or QuickBooks Online. In this case there is a one-way communication from UCCU Online to your Quicken or QuickBooks Online software.

Web Connect is a method in which the user downloads a file that contains their account and transaction information from UCCU Online and imports this file into Quicken or QuickBooks. In this case there is no direct communication between UCCU Online and your Quicken/QuickBooks software.
NOTE: For the safety and security of our member’s accounts, UCCU Online Banking does not support Direct Connect.

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