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Shred Fest 2023

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In today’s world, where information is easily accessible and vulnerable to misuse, the importance of safeguarding our personal data is becoming more prevalent. While we often focus on protecting our online presence, it’s crucial not to overlook the physical documents that contain sensitive information. Shredding old papers and documents is a simple, yet powerful practice that can significantly contribute to our personal security and peace of mind.

Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU) would like to help you protect and safeguard your information through its annual Shred Fest each July. This years events are listed below.  Each event runs from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, or until the truck is full.

  • Saturday, July 15th: UCCU American Fork Branch
  • Saturday, July 29th: UCCU Spanish Fork Branch

UCCU’s Shred Fest is organized to help members promote information security and dispose of old documents. Members are invited to bring up to two boxes of their unwanted papers and documents. These documents can include old bank statements, medical records, tax forms, and any other papers containing personal information. The documents are then securely shredded on-site and destroyed.

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Why is Shred Fest Important

Protect personal information: Our personal information is a valuable asset, and its protection should be a top priority. Old papers, documents, and records often contain details such as bank statements, medical records, social security numbers, and other identifying information. By discarding these documents without proper destruction, we expose ourselves to the risk of identity theft, fraud, and other malicious activities. Shredding provides a robust defense against threats by rendering the information unreadable and impossible to reconstruct. Whether it’s outdated bills, tax returns, or financial statements, shredding ensures that personal data remains confidential and secure.

Preventing identity theft: Identity theft is a prevalent crime in today’s world, and it can have devastating consequences for individuals. Discarded documents containing personal details can become a goldmine for identity thieves, enabling them to assume someone else’s identity and perform fraudulent activities. Shredding old papers is an effective measure to prevent such identity theft. By destroying personal records, thieves and fraudsters are unable to misuse your information.

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Organization is Key

Efficient organization and clutter-free environment: In addition to security benefits, shredding old papers and documents also contributes to efficient organization and a clutter-free environment within your home and workspace. Over time, we accumulate stacks of papers that are no longer relevant or necessary. By regularly shredding these documents, we free up physical space, making it easier to manage and locate the important information we need. A well-organized space is proven to reduce stress, enhance productivity, and allow for a more focused and streamlined approach to daily tasks. Destroying old documents helps us maintain an organized lifestyle.

At Shred Fest, UCCU aims to create a community-focused event that not only provides a secure disposal method, but also promotes education and awareness around information security. In addition to shredding services, attendees will have access to valuable resources on topics such as identity theft prevention and financial literacy. By empowering individuals with knowledge and practical tips, UCCU ensures that members are equipped to protect their personal information beyond the event itself.

Furthermore, Shred Fest offers a unique opportunity for community members to connect with UCCU and each other. It fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared responsibility in personal security. By participating in the event, individuals contribute to a safer community, collectively working towards a secure and privacy-conscious society.

By hosting Shred Fest annually, UCCU demonstrates its commitment to its members’ well-being and takes an active role in promoting personal security. The event aligns with UCCU’s ongoing mission to provide comprehensive financial services and support to its members. By offering Shred Fest as a free service, UCCU underscores its dedication to the community’s financial well-being beyond traditional banking services.

The impact of Shred Fest extends beyond individual attendees. By promoting information security and raising awareness about the importance of shredding records, this event inspires a ripple effect within the community. As members share their experiences and newfound knowledge with friends, family, and colleagues, the practice of shredding becomes more widespread. This collective effort strengthens the overall security of the community, making it increasingly difficult for identity thieves and fraudsters to exploit personal information.


In addition to the direct benefits of shredding old papers and documents, Shred Fest also contributes to environmental sustainability. By securely shredding and recycling paper materials, the event reduces the burden on landfills and minimizes the ecological footprint associated with paper waste.

For those unable to attend Shred Fest in person, we also emphasize the importance of shredding personal documents at home. We encourage individuals to establish a routine of shredding documents on a regular basis. This proactive approach helps ensure that personal details remain protected even between Shred Fest events.

As technology continues to advance, the need for secure information disposal remains paramount. While digital records and online transactions have become prevalent, physical records still play a significant role in our lives. Shred Fest serves as a reminder that effective security encompasses both digital and physical realms. It highlights the importance of maintaining a comprehensive approach to protecting personal data, safeguarding against threats from multiple angles.

In conclusion, Utah Community Credit Union’s Shred Fest is a community event that promotes security, identity theft prevention, and efficient organization. By offering secure on-site shredding services, UCCU empowers its members to protect their personal information, reduce the risk of identity theft, and maintain an organized environment. The event goes beyond shredding documents, providing education, resources, and a sense of community. Through Shred Fest, UCCU demonstrates its commitment to members’ financial well-being, environmental sustainability, and the broader goal of creating a secure and privacy-conscious society. By embracing the practice of shredding, individuals take proactive steps to safeguard their personal details in an increasingly data-driven world. Together, we can create a safer, more resilient community where the privacy and security of personal data are valued and protected.