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Balance Transfer

Transfer your debt and save on interest

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Credit card balance transfers is moving your credit card debt from its current account to a new account, usually with a lower interest rate.  Not only can a balance transfer save you money, but it can also help you pay off your debt faster.  

Common Transfer Reasons

Balance transfers are strong financial option available to consumers. This can help lower the interest rate on your card or lengthen the payback time that can help save users large sums of money of time. The most common reasons to a balance transfer are:

  • Save Money on Interest: Transferring to another account may lower your interest rate saving you money throughout the duration of the loan
  • Consolidate Debt: If you have multiple loans, consolidating into one main loan with a lower interest rate may provide ease and simplicity when paying off your debt.
  • Debt Utilization: Should the balance transfer complete successfully, you will have your debt added into another credit line connected to your credit history. This will increase your total credit limit and can benefit your overall credit score.

Contact a UCCU Representative

Not sure if a credit balance transfer is right for you? Contact a local UCCU representative in a branch or over the phone and they can help determine if transferring your credit debt is right for you.

(801) 223-8188 | Branch Locations

Available M–F 8am–6pm, and Sat. 9am–2pm,

How to Start a Balance Transfer

Starting a credit card balance transfer is easy.  To initiate a balance transfer request, contact at any of our local branches or by reaching out to us online.  Many financial institutions, including UCCU, will have promotional periods for balance transfers during different times of the year, so be sure to ask what offerings are available. Once you find a balance transfer option that best fits your needs, we will walk you through the set-up process. 

At UCCU, you have the benefit of working with a credit union that puts your needs and success first. We have an online form that requests a balance transfer instantly. We also offer a no fees balance transfer option. Reach out to our friendly customer service team or initiate a credit card balance transfer below.