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Phishing Scams

Cyber Security

Recently Reported Phishing Scam:

Scammers are spoofing financial institution caller IDs to call and ask people for their banking and personal information. Bank customers and credit union members — including UCCU members — are being targeted. Our members have reported getting calls that look like they’re from UCCU, but they’re actually from scammers.

What you need to know

Here’s How the Phishing Scam Works. 

Through a variety of ways, a scammer steals card numbers (online retailer data breaches, etc). Then:

  • The scammer calls the victim, using a fake caller ID to appear as though it’s coming from the bank or credit union the card belongs to, and asks the victim to verify recent charges.
  • When the victim says they’re fraudulent, the scammer asks for additional, personal/sensitive / security information like Social Security Numbers, PINs, verification codes, etc. to “confirm” the victim’s identity.
  • If the victim gives them the information and/or code(s), the scammer can activate the cards in a digital wallet, work to gain access to online banking, and start spending the victim’s money.

REMINDER: UCCU will never CALL YOU and ask for your

  • PIN number.
  • Online banking username and password.
  • CVV2 code on your card(s).
  • Full Social Security number.
  • Verification codes of any kind.

What can you do?

  • If you’re suspicious in any way, hang up and call UCCU directly at 800-453-8188. 
  • Never click on a link in an email or text that claims to be from UCCU unless you’re sure it’s really from UCCU.
  • Never give the above-mentioned information over the phone or via email, text, or social media – even if they claim to be from UCCU. 

We have multiple layers of security in place to protect you and also want to share information like this with you so you can do all you can to protect yourself from falling victim to scams. If you believe you’ve fallen victim to a scam please contact us right away – we’re here to help.