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External Account Transfers

Easily transfer funds between UCCU and other financial institutions.

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External Transfers are easy to set up online or with your UCCU mobile banking app.

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To set up External Account Transfers

Step 1: Add an external account

  • Select Transactions from the menu.
  • Select Add External Account.
  • Enter the Account Number, Account type, and Routing Number for your external account.
  • Select Continue when you are finished. Your request will be submitted. Your external account will receive two small deposits (micro deposits) within two business days.

Step 2: Verify an external account

Once the micro deposits have been received, sign in to Online Banking to verify your external account.

  • Select Transactions from the menu.
  • Select Verify External Account.
  • Select the circular button under the account you wish to verify.
  • Enter the amount of each trial deposit in the fields provided
  • Select Continue when you are finished.

Note: The circle radio button must be selected and trial deposit amounts entered before selecting Continue.
**You must log out and back in before the External Account will be available in the Transfer funds drop-down list of accounts.

To make a Transfer From/To an External Account

External accounts default to the bottom of the drop-down list and include “EXTERNAL” in their description. The account number will be partially masked.

You can nickname your external accounts and change the order in which they are displayed in the drop-down menus under Settings > Account Preferences.

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