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Through a variety of savings plans, Utah Community Credit Union has developed many ways for you to save. Simply choose the plan that fits your needs. And, as always, your money at UCCU is insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the federal government. That means safety and security for your accounts.

Share Savings

A Share Account is like a traditional savings account - earn a competitive dividend and make deposits or withdrawals at any time. With this account, you earn daily interest that is paid each month. Every member of the credit union is required to maintain a Share Savings Account with a minimum deposit and balance of $5.

  • Several savings accounts can be opened with each UCCU account number
  • Unlimited access
  • Competitive yields
  • Federally insured by NCUA

Current Yields

Money Market

If you're looking for a liquid account that earns market rates, try UCCU's Money Market Account. There is no monthly fee.

  • High yields with flexibility
  • Six free withdrawals per month ($10.00 thereafter)
  • Federally insured by NCUA to $250,000

Current Yields

Youth Saver

A Youth Saver account is a great way to help your child earn interest and save money.

  • Offers the same high yields as the Money Market Account
  • Allows only one withdrawal per year in case a special need arises (additional withdrawals in a calendar year are subject to a $5.00 penalty per withdrawal)
  • Automatically converts to a regular Savings Account on the youth's eighteenth birthday allowing complete access to the funds

Current Yields

Savings Certificates
Add-On CD

Utah Community Credit Union, is here to help you and your family get through this recession. That is why we are so excited to announce our new Add On CD. It is the best 12-month savings tool available with flexibility you will not find anywhere else.

With UCCU's new Add On CD, you can:

  • Take advantage of rate changes during the 12 month term with a free "Jump-up"
  • Start with an initial deposit as low as $100.00 (other CD's require a $500.00 minimum)
  • Make additional deposits to the CD as often as you would like
  • Even make withdrawals FOR FREE if you want every three months. NO PENALTIES, NO TRICKS!

Start and End Dates:

This is a limited time offer. This CD offering may be discontinued anytime at the discretion of the management.

Other Details:

  • Maximum initial deposit of $100,000 to open 12 month Add-On CD
  • Initial deposit plus periodic deposits cannot exceed $100,000 during term of CD
  • This offer excludes IRA Certificates of Deposit
  • Penalty free withdrawals are approved during the first 5 business days of each quarter (i.e. April 1, 2, 3, and 6, 7). The balance cannot drop below $100 without penalty.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals can be made in person or over the phone. Online transaction capability is disabled for CD's.
  • Additional deposits can be made anytime during the 12 month term of the CD. Members can make deposits periodically or set-up recurring deposits via automatic transfer, ACH direct deposit, etc., for a more disciplined savings approach.

These above features may be changed and/or cancelled anytime at the discretion of the management.

Disclosure: Add On CD not available on IRA CD accounts. Penalty will apply if balance drops below $100.00. If the amount withdrawn reduces the balance below the minimum balance for this type of certificate it will be cancelled and the forfeiture terms will apply.

UCCU offers a variety of high yield savings certificates with terms from 90 days to 60 Months.

  • Dividends are paid each month and at maturity; you have the option of compounding your dividends back into the certificate or transferring them to your savings or checking account at each monthly payment.

Disclosure: If Certificate funds other than dividends are withdrawn prior to maturity, a PENALTY will be assessed. The forfeiture of dividends is equal to the smaller of the following two amounts: dividends since the date of issuance or renewal, OR 180 days' dividends. But if the amount withdrawn reduces the balance below the minimum balance for this type of Certificate it will be cancelled and the same forfeiture terms will apply. THE CERTIFICATES WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY RENEWED AT MATURITY AT THE THEN CURRENT OFFERING INTEREST RATE (UNLESS PRESENTED FOR PAYMENT BY THE REGISTER OWNER(S) WITHIN 10 DAYS AFTER A MATURITY DATE). In mailing interest checks or giving any notice the Credit Union may regard as correct the addresses shown by its records.

Current Yields

Brokerage Savings

Brokerage Services are offered to our members through Utah Community Investment Services. For more information on the products and services offered, you can visit their website at http://www.ucfinancial.net.

Retirement Savings

Save for the future and reduce your tax liability with a UCCU IRA account. Your IRA from UCCU is federally insured by NCUA.

Current Yields

Fee Schedule

*$5 minimum deposit and daily balance in share shavings account required. 




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