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Harness the Power of Home Equity with UCCU’s HELOC Estimator

Accessing the equity in your home should be a straightforward process. Our Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) limit estimator is a simple-to-use tool that provides an approximate value of the credit limit you could qualify for, based on your home’s equity. Whether you’re considering home renovations, consolidating debt, or financing education, our HELOC estimator helps you understand your options.

Accuracy and trust are the cornerstones of our services at UCCU. Get an accurate estimation of your potential credit line and make informed decisions with UCCU. We’ll provide you with resources to reach your financial goals.

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Ready to take the next steps after getting an estimate? Talk to one of our Home Equity experts who can help you take the next step to opening your own Home Equity Line of Credit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the HELOC limit estimator if I have more than one mortgage

Yes, our estimator allows you to enter multiple mortgages or liens on your property to provide a more accurate estimate.

How accurate is the HELOC limit estimator?

The HELOC limit estimator provides an approximation based on the details you provide. For an accurate assessment, we recommend speaking with one of our loan officers.

Does using the HELOC limit estimator affect my credit score?

No, using our HELOC limit estimator will not impact your credit score. It’s a tool designed to provide an estimate of potential credit availability based on the equity in your home.

Financing is subject to UCCU membership and underwriting criteria. Not every applicant will qualify. Property insurance is required. Variable rates based on the Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal on the 15th day of the month prior.
Draw period extensions: pending underwriting review.
No closing costs and no fee options available: Conditions apply. Appraisal fee will apply if loan amount is greater than $400,000 or if required by the underwriter. If the loan is paid off within 24 months of funding date, reimbursement of all third party fees required. These may include but not limited to title, automated valuation, and insurance fees.
Rate inflation protection: UCCU protects you against drastic rate fluctuations in the market by not allowing your rate to increase more than 0.25% per quarter (3 months) and no more than 6.00% above the non-discounted rate over the life of the loan. The maximum APR that can apply is 18.00% or maximum permitted by law, whichever is less. However, under no circumstances will your APR go below the minimum 4.99% at any time during the term of the plan except when an introductory rate applies. The APR can change monthly on the first day of the month. Minimum home equity line of credit: $10,000.
Up to 90% combined loan-to-value (CLTV): the maximum CLTV up to 90% varies upon borrower’s credit score, requested loan amount, and balances of mortgage (or any superior liens on the property). Rates, terms, and programs are subject to change and without notice. Equal housing lender. NMLS # 407653. Federally insured by NCUA.