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Supercharge your Savings

Supercharge Your Savings 2024

Savings Certificates and Money Market Accounts to earn you more.

Right now is a great opportunity to supercharge your savings with UCCU’s new high yield savings account options! 

UCCU makes it easy to transfer money from other financial institutions to help you maximize your hard earned money!

Savings Certificates

Standard Savings Certificates

Jump Up Savings Certificates

Money Market Savings Accounts

Savings accounts with incredibly high yields, make now the perfect time to transfer money to UCCU!

It’s easy to get started over the phone, in the branch, or online.

(801) 223-8188 | Branch Locations

Available M–F 8am–6pm, and Sat. 9am–2pm*.
*Saturday lobby hours vary per Branch Location

What is the difference between Savings Certificate and a Money Market Savings Account?

A Money Market account allows you to make as many deposits and withdrawals  – just like with a Savings Account. 

With A Savings Certificate, you make one deposit up front, and then let your money grow over a fixed period of time. The longer the period, the higher your rate. 

And some of UCCU’s certificates come with an add-on feature so you can keep adding money to your savings certificate anytime. 

Plus you can add a Jump Up option to many of UCCU’s Savings Certificates to provide you with the  option of Jumping Up your rate, one time, anytime during the length of your Savings Certificate term. That way, if rates continue to rise after you open your Savings Certificate, you can Jump Up your rate, and earn even more. 

Both a Money Market and Savings Certificate are GREAT options for earning more from your supercharged Savings – A LOT more. And you can get both.

*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Limited time offers. Yields, terms, and conditions are subject to change at any time and without notice. Federally insured by NCUA. Click here for truth-in-savings for savings accounts. Click here for truth-in-savings for savings certificate accounts.