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UCCU’s Continuous Battle Against Financial Fraud

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At UCCU, the continuous battle against financial fraud and is our top priority. We go the extra mile to monitor accounts transactions for signs of fraud. This also includes exploitation, or illicit activity that could threaten your hard-earned money, assets, or violate your privacy. We have made it our mission to establish a secure financial institution. A place where members can spend and manage money with confidence that their interests are being protected every step of the way. 

Nominated by Law Enforcement

Recently, law enforcement recognized our Security and Compliance Team at UCCU. Their hard work in protecting members and the community was recognized. They were nominated for the 2023 FinCEN Director’s Law Enforcement Award. This annual award honors financial institutions whose anti-money laundering reporting contributed to successful criminal prosecutions.

UCCU’s reporting helped the FBI dismantle a money laundering network tied to multiple romance scams with over 1,000 victims and losses exceeding 35 million dollars (UCCU did not lose money). The FBI arrested more than 20 defendants and identified dozens of other bad actors.

FinCEN also stated that “this nomination underscores the importance of your institution’s financial efforts. Everyone contributing to anti-money laundering work – from the CEO to employees and staff – makes a real difference in people’s lives every day.”

We are immensely grateful to have an incredible team of employees. These everyday people take exceptional pride in serving and safeguarding our community. From our frontline branch staff to our CEO, we are here to protect UCCU members and also our community from financial crimes.

If you ever notice any suspicious activity or have concerns about fraud, please contact UCCU at (801) 223-8188. We are here to advocate for and protect our members and community.

You can also check out more information regarding UCCU Fraud Protection on our website.