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UVU PlusCard:
What to Know

Welcome to Utah Valley University (UVU), the largest university in the state of Utah.

As a student/faculty member of UVU, you have access to a unique resource: the UVU PlusCard. All students and faculty are also required to have an ID card that allows proximity access, identification for testing centers, library access and many other things. But your ID can also unlock many exclusive benefits:

  • Rent athletic equipment
  • Gain access to Sporting Events
  • Gain access to Student Activities and other events and activities (Available for Students Only)
  • Utilize the UTA Transit Pass
  • Student discounts at participating locations (Available for Students Only)
  • Make payments (Available for PlusCard Only)

UVU offers two options for ID cards: the OneCard and the PlusCard. The OneCard is a regular student ID that gives you all the benefits of being a student. The PlusCard is a joint offering by UVU and Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU). It combines all the functions of the UCCU debit card with the benefits of the OneCard. 

Additional Benefits

Here are just some of the limitless benefits to choosing the PlusCard:

  • 3 in 1: The PlusCard is your student ID, debit card, and UTA transit pass all in one. Instead of having to worry about multiple cards, UCCU simplifies your wallet by combining your ID and debit card into one!
  • Banking Services: The Plus Card doubles as a UCCU debit card, providing you with access to a range of banking services. You can use it to make purchases, withdraw cash, and manage your finances conveniently. UCCU has a full service branch located at the heart of UVU campus, so if you have questions about your finances, you can easily stop by instead of having to travel off campus, or speak with someone on the phone. 
  • ATM Access: Need cash? UVU has 8 ATMs locations throughout campus that accept PlusCards and can also issue amounts for as low as $1 with no fees. 
  • Seamless Integration: Don’t bank at UCCU? No problem! With the mobile app, you have access to a feature called 360-view, which also lets you link external banking accounts to view all your financial accounts, transfer money, and gain a complete understanding of your finances. Even if you’re from out of state, UCCU has comprehensive online services that let you seamlessly access your finances whenever you travel back home!
  • Enhanced Security: In the event you lose your card, with the mobile app you can pause your card in seconds, resume at any time, or cancel all together and issue a new card on the spot. The PlusCard prioritizes the safety of your financial transactions while also providing you with peace of mind.
  • Same Day Pickup: If you choose the OneCard, you can either pay to have it delivered to your address, or you can make an appointment and come back another day to pick it up. However, if you choose the PlusCard you can pick up your ID the same day you apply and it’s free!
  • Welcome Benefits: Whether you are upgrading your OneCard or getting your student ID for the first time, when you choose the PlusCard we deposit $30 into your account! Plus an extra $10 if you get it the same day you apply. That’s $40 just for getting your ID!

Get Started Today

If you are new to UVU, submit your university approved photo here, and make sure they follow university photo guidelines. You can also visit Campus Connections to get your photo taken and approved. Then, you can visit our branch, located across from the UVU bookstore to get your PlusCard today!

Already bank with UCCU? Just visit our branch on campus and we will also sync your current debit card with your student ID!

Don’t bank with UCCU? No problem! Just visit the link below to apply. Once approved, our on campus branch can alsoprint your PlusCard and get you set up with UCCU. Click here to apply!