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How to Prevent
Credit Card Fraud

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Credit card fraud happens all too often, and it has no borders. All over the world people have been experiencing an increase in hidden fraudsters hacking and taking their information to splurge using someone else’s money.  You shouldn’t have to be a victim. If you’ve ever had to deal with credit card fraud, you know how much of a hassle it can be.  If you’re wondering how to prevent credit card fraud here are key tips to help you beat the fraudsters and give you a hedge of protection.  

Preventative Measures 

The best way to keep your credit card safe from fraud is to use preventative measures and be educated. You should keep up to date on current scams and frauds. Tips like memorizing your pin and avoiding writing it out are great steps toward your security. The FBI provides a lot of tips to keep you in the know. 

First, remember to always keep your credit card in a safe place whether you’re at work or out shopping somewhere. Fraudsters are always looking for a way to gather your credit card numbers so avoid giving them an opportunity. Whenever you’re shopping online, use a firewall and an online security system because many fraudsters are getting credit card information online when people shop for their favorite items. Do your due diligence and look the company up on the Better Business Bureau to make sure they’re legit and haven’t been causing any problems for other shoppers.   

Next, you need to understand that people will pose as companies whether they’re calling your phone or giving you a fake website. There are fake charities out there waiting for people to give their credit card info so they can take it and use the numbers over and over again.  

Lastly, check ATMs, gas stations and grocery store you use and make sure you don’t see anything suspicious on the card reader. Fraudsters place items near where you insert your card so they can duplicate it and use it with your pin. This kind of fraud is difficult to track because it looks like you’re the one using it with your pin.  

Understand What Credit Card Fraudsters Do 

The best defense is education. If you understand what a scammer is trying to do, you can know how to protect yourself. These scammers and fraudsters are doing a few different things in an attempt to steal your information and that of many other people. Wherever they see an opportunity (or a weakness in your security attempts), they will jump right in and wreak havoc.  

Online fraudsters and physical fraudsters are looking for a way to get credit card numbers. But most credit card scams happen online these days with different cybersecurity hacks and things of that nature. Pay attention to the news or UCCU.com/Fraud on these topics too because they’ll inform you of the most recent fraudulent activities happening across the country.  

Know the Signs of Credit Card Fraud 

It’s good to know the signs that your credit card has been compromised. Early detection is key! It’s important to check your bank account statements regularly. You should print them out and go through each transaction to ensure you are the one placing the transactions. Seeing false transactions in real-time is a sign that someone else has got your information.  

Setting alerts on your mobile banking and taking extra precautions will help you evade these fraudsters too. If you do happen to fall victim to credit card fraud, you’ll know because of random transactions that either aren’t in your area, or are in your area, but you weren’t the one spending those funds. Here are additional Be Fraud Smart tips to make sure you know what’s going on in case of fraud. Whenever you experience the following red flags, you should take these as a sign to be on alert and notify your bank:  

  • A company saying a money transfer is required 
  • Emails stating personal information is required 
  • Circumstances that are too good to be true  
  • Someone is urging scarcity or pushing you to make a decision quickly  

Use UCCU’s Innovative Fraud Protection System 

UCCU offers credit cards with a fraud protection system that starts with alerts and the ability to use the UCCU app to monitor your spending and any strange logins. We also use EMV chip technology and the Zero Fraud Liability Policy to prevent card fraud.  Using these measures, we can promise our customers a safe, innovative banking experience. Even if fraudulent charges appear on your credit card, you will not be held accountable for them.  

Prevent Credit Card Fraud Efficiently 

If you are aware of the credit card fraudsters out there, what they’re doing, and how you can stay on the defense, you decrease the likelihood of being impacted.  With a safe credit card, you are better able to use the card with confidence. It’s also helpful to know the best uses for your credit card. UCCU helps you manage your finances with care.