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0.25% Loan Discounts

Lower Your Interest Rates for More Savings

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Lower your interest rate on all qualifying loans with Elevated Checking.

Knock an additional 0.25% off the rate of your next loan at UCCU by opening an Elevated Checking Account.3 This discount lowers your interest rate which can save hundreds of dollars over the life of any qualifying loan.

Become eligible for the loan discount

  1. Open an Elevated Checking Account with UCCU.
  2. Close on a qualifying loan online or in person.

Eligible Loans Include

  • Auto Loans
  • Recreational Vehicle Loans (Boats, RV, Trailers, ATVs, UTVs, etc.)
  • Motorcycle or Scooter Loans
  • Personal (Signature) Loans

**Users must qualify separately for a UCCU loan to access this Elevated Checking benefit.

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Lower Your Interest Rate

Contact UCCU below to gain an additional discount on any of your current qualifying UCCU loans/

(801) 223-8188 | Branch Locations

Available M–F 8am–6pm, and Sat. 9am–2pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply the loan discount to my current UCCU loans?

No. All 0.25% loan discount are for new loans from UCCU. Any current loans you have will not be eligible for the 0.25% off the loan.

Can I transfer a loan from another institution and get the 0.25% discount?

Yes. At UCCU, we help people save money by refinancing high-rate loans. Its an easy process, plus all qualifying loans will receive the loan-rate discount.

If I leave Elevated Checking will my current loans keep the 0.25% discount applied?

No. The 0.25% loan discount is only available for members with an Elevated Checking account that is active.

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30.25% Loan Discount: Available on Auto, RV, and Personal (signature) loans closed directly with UCCU (financing obtained at a dealership is excluded). Does not apply to existing loans. Elevated Checking account is required when loan is originated and to maintain loan discount. Financing is subject to loan approval. Not every applicant will qualify. Other terms and conditions may apply.

Benefits are subject to change at any time and without notice. Some benefits require registration and activation. Terms and conditions apply. Click here for Elevated Checking details and guide to benefits for coverage and exclusions.