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Get Paid for Grades

Free money for every A on your report card

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Earn $1 for every A on your report card with Elevated Youth Banking.

Get paid for your hard earned grades. Your child’s high achieving final report card is eligible for a $1 reward for every single “A” on that report card (up to $8 per year) with an Elevated Checking Account. Just visit any UCCU branch with your official report card, and then walk out with a cash award in your pocket or save money by putting it in a savings account!

Got the Grade? Get Paid

Bring your official school report card into any UCCU branch and then receive $1 for reach “A” earned with an Elevated Checking account.

(801) 223-8188 | Branch Locations

Available M–F 8am–6pm, and Sat. 9am–2pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much total money can my child receive per year?

Payout for getting good grades occurs at the end of each school year, which is also the best time right before the summer! Bring your child’s final end-of-year report card to any UCCU branch. We will then pay $1 per “A” found on the report card. A max of $8 per child will be paid out (only once per year).

Is my child eligible for the reward if they receive an A- grade?

Yes, if your child receives an “A+”, “A”, or even an “A-“, then they will be eligible for the $1 on that earned grade.

Can more than one child be eligible for payments?

Yes. If you have multiple children under the age of 18 and each of them have an Elevated Checking account, then each child will be eligible for their own payment for their own grades. Each child must also be present at the UCCU branch to receive the payment for their grade. Adults get scholarships for getting good grades. Paying children for good grades is our incentive to helping the next generation also get good grades.

Are payouts only for high school students?

No. Any UCCU member under the age of 17 is eligible for this benefit. Kids that are enrolled in school, but do not receive letter grades can bring in their final report card and receive one dollar for grades equivalent to an “A” in an effort in helping kids for good grades.

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