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Credit Card
Cash Back Boost

Increase your cash back payout by 10%

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Receive a higher cash reward when you sign up for Elevated Checking.

Have a UCCU Cash Back Rewards Credit Card? If not, now is the time! Elevated Checking boosts your cash back payout by 10% putting more money in your pocket.3

Access My Cash Back Reward

  1. Elevated Checking and UCCU Visa Cash Back credit card required.
  2. Use your UCCU Visa Cash Back credit card. The more you spend, the higher your reward will be.
  3. The cash reward will be automatically deposited into your UCCU Savings Account on a quarterly basis (March, June, September, and December).

Users must qualify separately for a UCCU Visa Credit Card to access this Elevated Checking benefit.

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Give Your Cash Payout a Bonus

With Elevated Checking you automatically receive an added bonus to your cash-back reward payout! Open an Elevated Checking and start earning more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the additional 10% boost added to my cash rewards?

If your rewards payout is $300, then with this Elevated Checking benefit, you will receive an added 10% to your payout, giving you a final cash reward payout of $330!

Can I receive the 10% boost if I don’t have a UCCU Cash Rewards Credit Card?

No. In order to access this Elevated Checking benefit, you will also need to have a UCCU Cash Back Credit Card.

Is there a way I can earn a higher cash back bonus?

Yes. The UCCU Cash Back Credit Card focuses on rewarding the users every time you swipe, insert, or tap to pay. If you spend more money on certain products, such as groceries, travel, or gas, you will earn a higher reward. Maximizing the use of your credit card along with being an Elevated Checking member will give you the highest cash back reward possible.

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3Credit Card Cash Back Boost: Receive an additional 10% on your UCCU 4321 cash back rewards credit card payout (e.g. on a $300 rewards payout, the boost would increase the payout to $330). Requires primary member (tax reported owner) on the Elevated Checking account, and the cash back credit card account, be the same person. Cash back calculation includes joint cardholder credit card purchases.

Benefits are subject to change at any time and without notice. Some benefits require registration and activation. Terms and conditions apply. Click here for Elevated Checking details and guide to benefits for coverage and exclusions.