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Free ATMs Nationwide

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Over 30,000 Free Nationwide ATMs with an Elevated Checking Account.

The Co-op ATM network is a nationwide network of credit union ATMs with over 30,000 ATMs covering all 50 states and multiple countries. When you use your UCCU debit or credit card at any Co-op ATM location you will not pay fees.

Find a participating ATM near you

  1. Open an Elevated Checking Account with UCCU.
  2. Find a Co-op ATM near your location.

Text to find an ATM

You can also search for CO-OP ATMs via text by following the steps below:

  1. Send a **text to 91989 from any mobile device. In the body of the text, enter an address (with city, state), zip code or intersection (with city, state).
  2. In about 30 seconds, the service will reply with the CO-OP Network surcharge-free ATM nearest that location.
  3. If you want more ATM locations, simply reply MORE to the message and additional Co-op ATM locations will be sent to your mobile device.

**Standard text messaging rates may apply. Check with your mobile phone service provider on messaging rates.

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Free Nationwide ATMs

Enjoy free access to over 30,000 Co-op ATMs nationwide when you sign up for UCCU’s Elevated Checking.

(801) 223-8188 | Branch Locations

Available M–F 8am–6pm, and Sat. 9am–2pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which ATMs are part of my Elevated Checking Benefits?

All participating ATMS are found on the Co-op participating credit unions website at https://www.co-opcreditunions.org/locator/ are eligible for a waivable “out-of-network” fee. Surcharge (commonly referred to as transaction) fees specific to the machine you are utilizing will not be waived by Utah Community Credit Union.

Are there additional fees I should be aware of when using a participating ATM?

Most ATMs have two fees attached to the use of their machine, firstly, surcharge from the ATMs owner (commonly known as a transaction fee) and secondly, a out-of-network fee charged by your bank or credit union.

  • Surcharge Fee: Also known as a transaction fee, is often custom based on the machine you are using. The fee is usually attached to the convenience of the machine and is also established by the owner of the ATM used. Surcharge fees will be waived by Utah Community Credit Union.
  • Out-of-Network Fee: If you do not use your banks or credit unions own ATMs, you may get charged an “Out-of-Network” fee for using another businesses Automated Teller Machines. Out-of-Network fees will be waived when using a participating co-op ATMs with UCCUs Elevated Checking.

What should I do if I was charged for using an ATM?

Its always easier to prevent charges than attempt to reconcile them. When using an ATM, make sure to read it’s terms and conditions to verify any charges that may occur. You may get charged transaction fees from the ATM, but with UCCU’s Elevated Checking, the Out-of-Network Fee will be waived. For any additional questions, you can also contact UCCU at 801-223-8188.

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