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Youth Savings: Money Market & Saving Certificates

Help your child’s money grow.

Youth Savings

Making Your Money Work for You

UCCU Youth Savings Certificate accounts and Money Market accounts are the perfect way to help your child or teen learn how money works by helping their money work harder for them. Savings Certificates offer long-term savings options with limited withdrawals that your child can add money to anytime. Money Market accounts are easy-access accounts with higher interest rates than any standard savings account.

Both Savings Certificates and Money Market Accounts are great tools to help teach your kids the importance of Saving Goals and putting money aside for the future.

Simply choose the account that’s best for your child. 

Checking Accounts

Youth Money Market Account

Youth Money Market accounts pay high money market yields at lower balances, making them perfect for young savers.

Checking Accounts

Add-on Savings Certificates for Youth

Enjoy the ability to add money to the certificate even after the initial deposit.

High Yields with Flexibility

Please note that rates and fees are subject to change without notice.

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