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Home Affordability Tool

A tool to calculate how much home you can afford while you shop!

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Buying a home is a big step in your financial journey and can often be a difficult one to take. The first step is knowing what you can afford. With the Home Purchase Affordability Tool, we enable borrowers to receive an estimate quickly and easily on what they can afford before officially starting application. This can empower each member to know what to expect based on the current Interest Rates and price of the home you are looking to purchase.  A soft credit pull allows for real-time, accurate information without negatively impacting borrower credit.

The tool will ask some standard questions about the home you are purchasing such as the price, type, and location of the home. After filling out some personal information, the Affordability tool will be able to calculate your estimated monthly mortgage.  Using the tools internal features, you can calculate how your cost will change based on how much your downpayment is, if interest rates change, or if the price of the home is adjusted. 

UCCU Mortgage Affordability Tool Features

We offer low rates on every type of home loan.

This means, at UCCU, you could qualify for more house with the same payment you’d get from other local lenders.

That’s more money that you can put into your home, or back into your pocket.

Once you have completed your research and are ready to move forward, stop by one of our Local UCCU branches or give one of our Mortgage Loan Officers a call and they can help you get started on the application and lock in your interest rate.

Providing Low Rates Is Our Highest Priority