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Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit box

Keep your important documents, financial paperwork, and personal items safe and secure until you (or your designated beneficiary) needs them.

Safe Deposit Box Availability

UCCU has Safe Deposit Boxes available to our members in the following sizes at the branch locations below.


  • 3″ x 5″
    3″ x 10″
    5″ x 10″
    10″ x 10″


  • Provo Headquarters
    Provo Stadium
    Orem North
    Orem South
    Pleasant Grove
    American Fork
    Spanish Fork

What should I keep – and NOT keep – in a Safe Deposit Box?


As a general rule, we advise our members to use safe deposit boxes to protect documents and other items that are difficult to replace, but don’t need to be accessed regularly.

  • Birth Certificates
    Marriage Certificates
    Vehicle Titles 
    House Deeds 
    Stock Savings Certificates and Bonds
    Important legal documents
    Smaller, valuable items (like jewelry and coins)

Not Recommended

UCCU recommends not using safe deposit boxes to store documents or items you may need immediately or unexpectedly, such as… 

  • Cash
    Drivers’ license
    Social Security cards
    Original copy your will or trust
    Health care directives

Note: In the case of your passing, be sure that your spouse, loved ones, or financial advisor knows about the existence of your safe deposit box, as well as what’s inside.

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