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UCCU Assist

Join us on our Mission to Help

UCCU is excited to deliver assists to deserving people in your family or community.

And we need your help to find them.

So take a minute, and nominate someone you know for a UCCU Assist. It could be anyone – like a neighbor who needs their house cleaned, or a co-worker who needs this month’s car payment taken care of.

If your nominee is selected, UCCU will contact you to personalize and deliver a meaningful assist. This is your chance to make a difference in someone’s life.

UCCU Assist Nomination Details:

  • An association between the nominator and the nominee/recipient is preferred.
  • The decision of the UCCU Assist Selection Committee, in its sole discretion, shall be final and binding in all regards.
  • Once a selection is made, UCCU will coordinate with the nominator, when possible, to deliver the personalized UCCU Assist. 
  • Due to the expected demand, not all nominations will be selected to receive a UCCU Assist. The nominator will only be notified if the selection committee has clarifying questions, or the nominee is selected. 
  • Program may terminate at any time and without notice.