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What is a FinTech &
is UCCU a FinTech?

What is a FinTech?

Fintech is a blend of “financial” and “technology”. It means any app, software, or technology that helps people or businesses handle their money digitally or make financial transactions.

Is UCCU a FinTech?

Yes. UCCU has always been driven by innovation and pioneering new technologies that make managing your finances a combination of easy and safe. Today, UCCU is a leader in FinTech, or “Financial Technology” to deliver better banking to our members in several key areas: 


In terms of convenience, UCCU is a game-changer. For example, UCCU’s award-winning mobile banking, which makes it easy for our members to do the banking they need anytime, anywhere packed with convenient technologies, e.g., CardApp, CardSwap, savings goals, digital money manager monitoring and budgeting tools, alerts, and more! 

These technologies make banking easier than ever and paved the way for UCCU to provide a wider range of services to our members, like the ability to open loans and deposits, even mortgages and home equity loans without ever having to visit a branch, or the ability to instantly replace a lost or stolen credit card from their phone with a click of a button.  


Financial Technology delivers faster transactions with greater accuracy, which means our members receive their funds and complete transactions more quickly and easily. For example, UCCU’s direct deposit allows people to receive their paycheck up to two days earlier than most institutions. Most institutions hold the direct deposit (or ACH) funds in your account for up to two days more than when it gets posted to your account. This has allowed UCCU to deposit those funds to your account earlier, even up to two days earlier!  


UCCU continuously innovates advanced security measures that are essential in this age of digital banking, such as multi-factor authentication, biometric authentication, and fraud detection systems. Our security team also utilizes Financial Technology to monitor for suspicious activity and to act in a timely manner.

Savings & Service:

Financial Technology helps reduce the costs associated with traditional banking processes, which translates into our ability to deliver lower rates and better financial opportunities for our members.  Plus, at UCCU, you can always get a hold of us via phone, email, text, or by visiting any of our branch locations so you can get one-on-one assistance for your unique needs and goals. 

UCCU is here to provide you with your finance technology needs.