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Children and Charities Win Big

with UCCU’s 2020 Short Film Competition

Short Film Competition

We are excited to congratulate the Top 5 Winners of the UCCU 2020 Short Film Competition: Grahm & Ammara Allred of Vernal, Domonic Tuia of Orem, Vienna and Rome Griffin of Vineyard, Eveline Ostler of Springville, and Jessie and Elsie Griffin of Mapleton.

The five winners were selected from hundreds of entries, created by children and teens who were invited to “grab a camera, get creative, and show the world how UCCU’s Easy Banking technology is helping you Be Money Smart.” Each winner was awarded $1,000 and also received $1,000 to donate to the charity of their choosing. 

The idea for a short film competition was a result of the credit union’s desire to create new and meaningful ways to help support their members through the challenges of COVID. The competition was open to the general public, age 18 and younger. 

“With many of our members spending more time at home, we felt it was a great time to remind everyone just how easy it is to do all the banking they need, anywhere, with UCCU’s mobile banking technology,” said Bret VanAusdal, UCCU president and CEO.

“It was so much fun to enter this contest together as siblings,” said Jessie Griffin, a member from Mapleton, who made wrote and recorded a song called “Let Me Tell You Why,” with her sister, Elsie. “We had to learn to work together and rely on each other’s talents.”

Jessie and Elsie plan to use their cash prize to purchase an Xbox for their family, before splitting rest of winnings with their other siblings. They’re also excited to have chosen the Primary Children’s Hospital to receive matching $1,000 funds in their name.

“We have known about Primary Children’s our whole lives, including growing up in Idaho,” said Jessie, “and we know how much good they do for children all over the region.”

Primary Children’s Hospital was also chosen by Domonic Tuia, a winner from Orem, with a personal connection to the charity. 

“I chose this charity because when my Aunt was little, she was a patient of Primary Children’s Hospital,” Domonic said. “I’m thankful for how much Primary Children’s Hospital has helped kids like my Aunt. They continue to make a difference in kids’ lives, and I wanted to thank them for all they continue to do and sacrifice.”

For those who did not enter this year, the credit union has good news: “We were truly blown away by the amount of creativity and hard work that went into these videos,” said Brad Norton, President of UCCU marketing, “We’ll be back with another competition next year, so I hope our UCCU members and the public will be on the lookout!”