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Checking in with Teri Chatterton

Teri Chatterton brings over 40 years of experience in Information Technology to UCCU’s Board of Directors, where she plays an invaluable role in helping this financial institution continue to be a leader in advancing new technologies that make banking easier and more convenient for our members.In addition to serving as a voluntary member of the board, Teri is the current secretary of the board and recently completed a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from BYU.

What made you decide to pursue a Master’s Degree?

Getting my Master’s was sort of a “Bucket List” thing for me, but I was also interested in how Public Administration relates to a credit union, especially as a not-for-profit. Learning more about non-profit law, non-profit finance, and many other things really provided me with a lot of new perspectives about how complex technologies can simplify our lives.

What role do complex technologies play at UCCU?

The lesson that technology teaches us —over and over—is that tech is all about making the experience better for the user. And that’s something UCCU really understands. This financial institution is all about the member experience, so the board of directors and management are always focused on doing anything they can to make banking easier and more convenient for our members. That’s been really exciting, especially over the past few years, as banking technology has really advanced and progressed.

Can you give us one example of how complex technologies simplify our financial lives?

Well, just look at UCCU’s Mobile Banking. We describe it as “banking at your fingertips” because that’s what it is—the ability to do your banking anywhere, anytime, from your phone or computer. And this isn’t just day-to-day banking, like making a mobile deposit or transferring a balance. This is the ability to buy or refinance a home faster and easier than ever before. It’s the convenience of getting a home equity line of credit without ever walking into a UCCU branch. There are so many examples. 

What should members expect as the credit union moves forward?

That we’ll continue to be in the forefront of new technology. Technology changes so fast that if you want to remain a leader, you constantly have to change. This board understands that, and we’re dedicated to it. We’re always looking to improve the experience of banking at UCCU, and we’ll always bring new technologies and features that will enhance our members’ financial lives.