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What is a Savings Certificate?

A Savings Certificate account provides a higher interest rate than a traditional savings account, enabling your savings to earn more for you. 

That’s because unlike a traditional savings account – which allows you to deposit and withdraw funds freely – a savings certificate comes with an agreement that you won’t withdraw funds for a set term, typically anywhere from months to years.

The longer the term, the higher your interest yield.

What’s the difference between a Savings Certificate and a CD?

Though a Savings Certificate and a Certificate of Deposit (or CD) are similar in function, CDs are issued by banks while Savings Certificates are issued by credit unions, like UCCU. 

Savings Certificates are a popular way to save money by purchasing a certificate and agreeing to leave that money deposited in the certificate for a period of time between 3-months and 5-years. They earn higher dividends than other savings options.

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Today’s Certificate Rates

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