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Mortgage rates have never been lower, and at UCCU, it’s never been faster or easier to buy or refinance a home!

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Safe, fast, and easy! Here’s how…

We’re talking Seriously Fast Mortgages, with the help of intelligent technology that eliminates the time and hassle of gathering and verifying the documents you need to get your mortgage loan or refinance, approved and funded.

Just use your phone or computer to fill out UCCU’s Super Easy Application. And if you need any help, just call a UCCU Mortgage Expert, who can join your screen from anywhere, and would be happy to co-pilot you through your entire application process.

From there, UCCU’s intelligent technology goes to work – connecting and communicating with your accounts online, and verifying your information, instantly! So instead of spending time gathering documents, you can get back to your busy life, while your completed mortgage file is sent to UCCU’s very own, in-house underwriters.

That’s it!

Like we said…seriously fast. And super easy!

Remember, UCCU Mortgage Experts aren’t just “app takers,” or someone who’s merely going to pass your application onto a processing center. These are real mortgage experts who understand their local markets and are on your side, ready to provide the personal help and assistance you need – every step of the way.

It’s what they do!

And at UCCU, you’ll always get the lowest mortgage rates possible, as well as lower mortgage insurance premiums than other local lenders, giving you more Purchase Power.

That’s more money you can put into your home – or back into your pocket.

UCCU offers all types of mortgage, construction, and home equity loans…