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How UCCU Protects You

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UCCU protects every member with multiple layers of security, which is a must in this age of digital fraud. Here’s what UCCU is doing to protect you:

+ Encryption

Encryption is a process that scrambles meaningful text and numbers into numerical nonsense before transmitting them online. At UCCU, every transaction made in both directions – from your computer to the credit union and from UCCU to your computer – is encrypted with complex algorithmic formulas.

+ Secure Access Codes

A secure access code is a randomly generated code that is sent to you by a method which only you can obtain (e.g. an SMS text message to your wireless device) and is required for every device that you use to access UCCU’s online and mobile banking.  

Secure access codes help prevent your online banking account from being accessed by an unregistered device – even if your login ID and password are accidentally or unintentionally compromised.

+ Account Photo ID

A scanned image of your photo ID can be attached to your account eliminating the need to show photo ID at branches. Ask to add your photo ID to your account profile next time you visit a branch.

+ Palm Scanner

Using near-infrared light, palm scanners detect vein patterns to uniquely identify you. Members can enable palm scanner security at any branch. 

+ Security Alerts

Account security alerts are free and designed to notify you when security related activity or changes occur on your account. There are 19 different security alerts that can be enabled inside online banking (many of which are enabled by default.) Members should ensure their security alert delivery preferences (e.g. text, email) are up-to-date.

+ Code Word

Every UCCU member has the option to set up a code word for added security.

+ EMV Chip

UCCU was one of the first financial institutions in the nation to adopt EMV™ chip technology on both debit and credit cards, providing the dual technology solution of encryption + tokenization for advanced security. 

+ Facial Recognition & Touch ID

Added security that also eliminates the need to type in your username and password when logging in to mobile banking on your smartphone.

+ RFA Transaction Inspection

Risk and Fraud Analytics (RFA) is advanced technology that proactively evaluates activity within online and mobile banking to alert UCCU of potentially unauthorized activity. If RFA flags a transaction as suspicious, UCCU can respond quickly to validate or block irregular transactions in real-time, protecting our members from fraud.

+ Neural Network Fraud Monitoring

Neural networks monitor and alert members to suspicious debit and credit card usage. Going out of town? Notify UCCU before you leave. Travel notifications can help minimize the chances of your debit/credit card being blocked or flagged for unusual activity. 

+ Intrusion Detection

All of your UCCU accounts are safeguarded with Intrusion Detection, intelligent software that monitors your accounts for suspicious activity in order to prevent an attack or stop one before serious damage can be done.

+ Smartphone Tokenization

All personal information stored on your smartphone wallet is encrypted, so the details of your credit cards and accounts aren’t accessible to fraudsters. Tokenization extends the security of EMV™ into digital channels reducing the potential for fraud when purchasing on a mobile device, such as a smartphone.

+ Visa Card Zero Fraud Liability

UCCU’s Visa Card Zero Fraud Liability guarantee protects your Visa debit and credit cards.

+ Falcon Fraud Protection

UCCU works with Visa Falcon Fraud protection services to continuously monitor your UCCU debit and credit cards. This service helps identify and prevent fraudulent transactions. If any transactions occur on your card that are unusual or outside of your normal spending patterns, this may prompt Falcon to contact you to confirm the transaction(s).

If you have a UCCU card, you are automatically enrolled. Falcon will contact you at the phone number we have associated with your account. Contact us to add a phone number or update your contact information. This ensures that we have the most up to date information on your account.

Once you are notified by Falcon Fraud and indicate to them that the transaction in question is unauthorized, they will immediately block the card. Then, Contact us during business hours so we can help you with next steps, including the dispute process and options for issuing you a new card.

Please note that Falcon will verify your identity, but they will never ask you for your full card number, expiration date, or the security code on the back of your card.

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