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UVU Faculty & Staff

Love where you work. Love where you bank.

Handle all of your financial needs while at work! UCCU’s on-campus branch is more than a quick stop for students—it’s a completely-staffed, full-service location that offers every UCCU service and product.

Exclusive UVU Employee Cash Rewards

  • $50 for Account Opening*
  • $50 Direct Deposit*
  • $50 to Open the UVU Credit Card*
  • 1% Cash Back on an Auto Loan Balance Transfer*
  • $50 to Open a New Home Equity Line of Credit*
  • 1% Cash Back on Home Equity Balance Transfer*
  • $500 off of a Mortgage Closing Costs*
To take advantage of these offers, open an account online or at your on-campus branch location across from the UVU bookstore!
UVU Alumni Card

Get the UVU Alumni Credit Card today!