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Security Alert: Screen-sharing Scams on the Rise

Criminals are targeting the public by impersonating well-known companies to trick people into sharing sensitive information using screen-sharing technologies. Experts are warning that these scams are on the rise and are resulting in increased instances of fraud.

The initial invitation to connect with the fraudster could be a text, email, browser pop-up, or phone call. Ultimately, when fraudsters connect with the victim they are posing as representatives from well-known or reputable companies advising the victim that they are wanting to help with something that is potentially wrong with their computer or account.

The fraudster takes this opportunity to direct the victim to download a screen-sharing technology so they can help the victim get things fixed.

Upon accepting an invitation to share screens with the victim, the fraudulent caller gains access to the victims’ screen and possibly even recorded information or files, such as passwords and account numbers. They often invite the victim to log in to online banking sites as part of the scam in an effort to gain access to the victim’s money.

These criminals are using the names of many popular brands to attempt to trick and defraud unsuspecting parties. 

How to avoid becoming a victim to this scam.

  • Do not rely on your caller ID.
  • Hang up if someone calls asking to get on your computer or mobile device together, or if they ask for money or personal info.
  • Never give an unsolicited caller remote access to your computer or mobile phone, and do not give them personal info.
  • Delete any unknown or unwanted apps from your phone.

What to do if you unknowly provided screen-sharing access to any of your devices or suspect other fraudulent activities.

If you believe you have been a victim of this type of scam or any other scam, we urge you to call any company or financial institution you have logged into since the screen-share to report the activity so that institution can help you take steps to protect your accounts.