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BeMoneySmart Youth Accounts

Created with every member of your family in mind

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An award-winning program that helps kids, teens and parents learn and practice financial responsibility together.

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We created our BeMoneySmart Youth program with every member of your family in mind. 

Along with accounts designed to help children and teens get the most from their money, you’ll find a fun and interactive roadmap for kids of all ages, financial incentives, and a short web series that follows one family’s hilarious journey with becoming Money Smart! 

(The videos are designed to teach your kids smart money principles, but don’t worry… we won’t tell them if you don’t!)

The BeMoneySmart Road Map

Baby Bucks

Open a BeMoneySmart Savings Account before your child’s first birthday, and UCCU will make the first deposit of $10!

Youth Savers Account

Boasting higher returns, this is the ideal account for long-term savings goals, such as college, a mission, or even retirement.

Youth Add-on CD

Help your child learn smart saving habits with a flexible, Add-On CD

SmartSavers Rewards

With a SmartSaver Rewards deposit card, every time your kid makes a deposit, we’ll punch their card, moving them closer to cash rewards.

Make the Grade, Get Paid

UCCU will give your child $1 for every “A” (or equivalent grade) on their final report card (up to $8)!

BMS Money Market

A great way to help your child’s money grow, even with just a few seeds.

BeMoneySmart Savings Certificate

Introduce your child to higher yield “term deposit” savings solutions with terms starting at only 90 days or as long as 5 years.

BeMoneySmart Youth Checking

Checking accounts for kids and teens that parents will love.

eMoney Family Transfers

The fastest and easiest way to transfer money to any family member, automatically, with a record of every dollar transferred.

Keep Track, Get Some Back

UCCU will give your child up to $10, just for keeping track of their spending.


Receive emails, automatically, whenever there’s activity on any of your family’s accounts you want to know about.

BeMoneySmart Visa Debit Card

A Visa debit card is the perfect way to keep track of exactly where and how your teenager spends each and every dollar.

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