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Master your finances using Digital Money Manager inside Online Banking.

Digital Money Manager allows you to see all of your accounts in one place – with your UCCU login serving as your hub – to visualize budgets, track spending, set goals, prioritize the paydown of debts, and more.  

And best of all, these tools are fully integrated, making it easier than ever to take control of your finances, learn valuable insights, and make smart financial decisions.

digital money manager


Linking your non-UCCU financial accounts with your UCCU accounts provides a 360 degree view of your assets and liabilities with a single login. To get started, click the Link Account button inside Online Banking.


Visualize your net worth over time and look into each month to see how certain transactions affect your overall net worth.


Advanced budgeting tools populated with your spending history, auto-categorized into budget categories at your fingertips.  


Your transaction history has already been organized into spending categories.  


How well are you living within your means? See your spending trends over the last 6 months compared to your income.


Paying off debt, big or small, takes discipline, and a well-organized plan. View and manage all of your debts, project payoff dates, and prioritize payoff all with a single login.


Helpful Tip:  Digital Money Manager automatically imports the balances and spending history from visible accounts. For this reason, we suggest  you hide accounts not directly tied to your household budget and debt pay-down plans to ensure accuracy and confidence in tracking and reporting.

Switch your accounts from visible to hidden at any time in Account Preferences. Hidden accounts will still display in your transfer drop down list of accounts.


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